We are passionate to see Jesus Christ proclaimed in His Word and displayed in His people!

We gather on Sunday mornings at 9:00am for our Family Sunday School hour, and at 10:00am to sing, pray, and study God’s Word. Our worship services are serious but joyful. We believe that the intensity of our affections should correspond to the excellency of His perfections. And we believe that solid, biblical theology is necessary to undergird our lives and our worship. Many churches have opted for a feel-good-gospel and entertainment-oriented worship, but we are convinced that God is known through His Word. This is why the study of Scripture is central to all that we do.


Whether you live in the area or are visiting our site from out of town, we hope that you will check out our resources, if you are here on a Sunday morning, we would love for you to join us as we worship our wonderful Lord.  

Welcome Mike Canham

Mike Canham, theologian-at-large, has graciously accepted an invitation to be our Transitional Pastor this Fall.  He is due to arrive the second week of October and will stay up to about Christmas time.  During his time at MBC, Mike will be filling the pulpit most Sundays, performing leadership training in a Sunday School format and will offer a mid-week course on hermeneutics.

Mike's usual ministry involves exercising his extensive theological knowledge to equip and train Churches all over the world to do the work of the ministry.  We are looking forward to sitting under his leadership and teaching, even if for a short time!

More on Mike's ministry on our Missions page.