Pastor Search

Middletown Bible Church is currently seeking a qualified man to become our next Senior Pastor.  Please read through the provided information, download the Pastor Packet and check out our statements of faith on the "About" and  "Becoming a Member" pages.  

If you would like to apply, use the download link at the bottom of the page and follow the directions there.

Download Pastor Packet

Click the button to download the Pastor Packet.  It contains important information about the Position of Senior Pastor and provides some further information about Lake County and our Ministries at MBC.

If you are interested in applying, please download the application using the link at the bottom of the page.


Qualifications for Senior Pastor

  • Mature Christian who meets biblical standard for Overseer/Pastor (1Tim 3:1-13, Titus 1).
  • Pastoral ministry experience (5+ years as Pastor, Associate or Overseer/Elder).
     -  Not required if applying for an Interim position.
  • Graduate/attendance of Seminary.
     - Open to no seminary if applicant can clearly articulate their theological foundations, faith hero’s and has verifiable experience serving in a ministry role which exercises and tests their ability to properly divide, preach and apply the Word of God.
     - Be prepared to discuss your heroes of the faith, who you read and how you maintain and enhance your education.
  • Background in and holds to Reformed Theology.
  • Committed to spiritual and professional growth.
  • Heart of a Shepherd.
     - Caring and patient
     - Committed to discipling and fostering an environment of discipleship.
     - Willing to come along side and comfort.
     - Committed to the spiritual growth of the flock.
     - Willing to allow for grace on matters where Christians can disagree and are not necessary for salvation or not at odds with a Christian’s life under grace.
  • Considers God’s Word inerrant and unchanging.
     -  Must be willing to explain and define this area.
  • Expository preacher.
     - Preaching through books of the Bible with a balanced approach to explication and application
  • Strong leader.
     - Able to cast a vision and bring others along.
     - Good administrator with delegation skills.
     - Able to train leaders and hold them accountable.
        (Not requirement if applying for Interim Position)
  • Firm commitment to the Gospel and Evangelism.
  • Holds to believer’s baptism.
  • Holds to the Lord’s Table as a remembrance (non-transubstantiation).
  • Holds to Discontinuationism.
     - Must be able to explain position here.
  • Holds to the Doctrines of Grace and the Five “Solas”.
  • Agrees with our Statement of Faith without reservation.
  • Teaches against legalism.
  • Supports the cause of life for the unborn.

Job Description


The Senior Pastor of Middletown Bible Church will lead the church in Spiritual growth and fulfilling our mission in building the Kingdom of God. We desire a Senior Pastor who is a servant-leader and team builder; being able to motivate and work with staff, Elder Board, and Members to grow in faith, foster a sense of family, and reach out to the Community. The Senior Pastor will help us welcome and enfold seekers and new members into the congregation. This leader will be forward looking, helping to define and facilitate us on our mission to make disciples and grow the church (Upward, Inward, Outward and Forward).




  •       Provide dynamic and applicable preaching of God’s word on Sunday mornings and special services (Good Friday, Easter, Christmas).
  •       Work to lead and/or facilitate Sunday School and Discipleship programs designed to promote spiritual growth within the church.
  •       Work with the Worship Leader(s) to plan cohesive worship services which might include music, multimedia, liturgy, Lord’s Table, Bible reading, and prayer.

Pastoral Care

  •       Partnering with Elders, Deacons and Ministry Leaders to provide/facilitate pastoral care for the sick, elderly, and suffering.
  •       Provide/facilitate prayer and counseling to people who face crises or difficult circumstances.
  •       Be available and accessible to members of the congregation through the use of regular office hours, appointments, and visitation.
  •       Conduct/facilitate funerals, weddings, and baptisms, and provide related pastoral care including premarital counseling.

Administration and Leadership

  •       Articulate and promote the vision and mission of our church to the congregation and community.
  •       Attend, facilitate and report at meetings of the Elders Board.
  •       Lead staff and hold staff meetings on a regular basis.
  •       Provide/facilitate general oversight to Ministry Teams.
  •       Help build community within the Church.
  •       Assist in the training of Elders, Deacons, and other leaders in the church.
  •       Promote inclusive, participatory, and intergenerational ministries encouraging members to use their gifts to serve the church and help others to grow in their faith.  


  •       Carry out the mission and vision of the church by leading/facilitating the reaching out to our community with the love of Christ.
  •       Be willing to minister to the families and staff of Middletown Christian School.
  •       Support/facilitate the care ministries of the church.
  •       Provide/facilitate prayer, regular communications and encouragement to the missionaries we support, both locally and around the world.


  •       Middletown Bible Church is not Congregation-Led.
  •       Leadership consists of Senior Pastor, Elders and Deacons.
  •       The Senior Pastor serves on the Elder Board.
     -  Elders are co-equal with decisions being unanimous and Spirit-directed.
  •       The Elder Board is ultimately responsible for all decisions related to the ministries and finances of the Church.
  •       Elders and Deacons serve together on the Leadership Board in order to discuss elements related to the ministries of the Church and care of the flock.
  •       Senior Pastor can serve as Chair of the Leadership Board.
  •       The Senior Pastor is accountable to the Elders in doctrine, life, and pastoral duties and may be required to submit reports regularly.
  •       An annual performance evaluation will be done each Spring along with annual finance review with the Elders.
  •       Members of staff will report to the Senior Pastor as their direct supervisor and can escalate issues to the Elder Board as needed.
  •       Senior Pastor, Elders and Deacons may delegate administrative tasks to staff as necessary. 


  •       Position is considered Full-time, salaried.
  •       Pay will vary based on experience and educational background, but MBC seeks to pay a competitive wage for the area we live, commiserate with the cost of living and how that increases over time.
  •        Medical, vacation and sick leave is included for full-time staff.
  •        Retirement and other benefits can be discussed depending on applicant qualifications, goals and family situation.

Apply Now

Well, if after all that, you are still interested in applying for the position of Senior Pastor of Middletown Bible Church, then download the application below, fill out and email it back to us along with your resume and any other information you would like our Search Committee to know about you to  We will look over it and reach out soon.  Thank you so much for your interest.