Ashlee Trenery ~ Cameroon

Ashlee's Fundraiser

Ashlee's fundraiser is officially LIVE!

What is this for?

These funds will go directly towards getting Ashlee to Cameroon! (A year in French school, a new home and appliances, a car, etc.)

How does it work?

Each "envelope" is numbered 1-200, and costs the amount of its number (i.e. envelope #14 is $14). If every envelope is sold, we will have raised $20,000!

How can you help?

Just follow these 3 steps below:

1. Click here

2. Select which envelope you want to buy

3. Pay via PayPal or send in a check

As a part of World Team Ashlee is in route to Cameroon, Africa for long term missions work translating the Bible for the Baka people. She has spent a year in Dallas studying linguistics which will be followed by a year in France to learn French (the common language in Cameroon). After that she will head to the field.

Ashlee was born and raised at MBC and we are thrilled to send her as our first home grown missionary. For more information feel free to contact her at:



World Team

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