Middletown Bible Church exists to see Jesus Christ exalted among all peoples. 


"How then will they call on him in whom they have not believed? And how are they to believe in Him of whom they have never heard? And how are they to hear without someone preaching? And how are they to preach unless they are sent? As it is written, 'How beautiful are the feet of those who preach the good news' " Romans 10:14-15

Christ’s Great Commission compels us to take the Gospel to our nearest neighbors as well as to the ends of the earth. The ultimate reason for our existence is to send and support missionaries, plant churches and train indigenous pastors who also pastor and plant sending churches. 

Missionaries & Ministries We Support Around the world

  • Angelo & Chanette Tolentino ~ Oceanside, California

    Christ saved Angelo Tolentino from His sins through the ministry of Community Bible Church (Vallejo, California) in 1992. Upon finishing his BA from the University of California at Santa Barbara, Angelo sensed the call of God on his life for gospel ministry. In preparation, he studied at Grace School of Theology and Ministry in Pleasant Hill, CA. He later went on to complete his Master’s of Divinity at The Cornerstone Seminary in Vallejo, CA under the ministry of Steve Fernandez. Throughout the duration of his training, Angelo was heavily involved in discipleship, leadership training, fellowship groups, teaching Adult Training Seminars, and fulfilling pulpit supply. He has had the wonderful opportunity of training leaders and pastors in Brazil, Mexico, Philippines, Myanmar. He has recently served as a professor of theology and preaching at a seminary in South Asia for three and half years. Angelo and his wife Chanette have four children: Anastasia, Giancarlo, Charis and Alethia.       

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  • Ashlee Trenery ~ in route to cameroon, africa

    Ashlee was born and raised at MBC and we are thrilled to send her as our first home grown missionary. For more information click here.

  • The center for life choices ~ California

    Jennifer is MBC's home missionary, serving women in Mendocino and Lake Counties as a Patient Resource Manager and Patient Advocate for CFLC.


    The Bible College - Fulfills its mission by working in conjunction with the Lord and His local church to further mature fruitful servant-leaders who are successfully employing their spiritual gifts and faithfully practicing them within one's own church.

    The Seminary - Fulfills its mission by working in conjunction with the Lord and His local church to fashion each of His gifted, fruitful, and called men into expositors who shepherd

    "Proclaiming the light of the knowledge of the glory of God in the face of Jesus Christ"

    ~ 2 Corinthians 4:6                   

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  • Dave & Julie Dick ~ California

    Dave Dick is the Director of Hartstone Bible Camp located in Potter Valley, CA. He received his B.A. in Biblical Exposition from The Master’s College in 2005 and it was there that he met his wonderful bride. Dave and his wife Julie have four children (Darcy, Zoey, Maylee, and Stetson). Dave has served in churches as a worship music leader, and as an associate pastor overseeing Collegiate, High School, and Jr. High School student ministries. He has been a Bible teacher at a Christian High School and has been heavily involved in the Christian Camping world, serving as Camp Counselor, Camp Program staff, Camp Music Leader, and Camp Speaker. Please pray for the Dick family as they serve the Lord at Hartstone Bible Camp.

    Hartstone Bible Camp is a Christian ministry that serves churches in the Northern California region. Its mission statement is to share Christ’s love by serving churches through a camp experience.

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  • Denver & gaenor Solomon ~ Cape Town, South Africa

    Denver Solomon interned as a pastor-in-training under Mark Christopher for the better part of a decade, before becoming the Pastor of Living Hope Bible Church in South Africa. He views his ministry as both a calling and a privilege, not an occupation. Denver has been focused on training men to be leaders of their families and disciple-makers in the church. It is his hope that Living Hope would be able to start a ministry training center in the next four or five years.

    The church is also developing a Philosophy of Ministry for Missions and is aiming to have annual mission trips to Mozambique, Zimbabwe, and other surrounding rural areas.

    Denver has recently graduated from The Master's Seminary to be better prepared to teach and preach. He and his wife Gaenor have twin sons, Joshua and Aaron.


  • Hope for the Uganda Child Project ~ Zana, Uganda

  • Mark & Debbie Christopher ~ Cape Town, South Africa

    Mark Christopher first became interested in South Africa when he met a young South African lassie, who worked in the library of the Bible College he attended. They were married in her home church in Newcastle, South Africa in 1987. After getting married they ended up working in Debbie’s home church for some sixteen months. Upon returning to the states in late 1988 they knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that God wanted them to return to South Africa.

    After graduating from The Master’s Seminary in May 1994 they hastily raised the support they would need to return to the land they love so much! Mark’s ministry is twofold: Mark has worked as a church planter and is now teaching at the Evangelical Bible College and preaching at the Everglen Baptist Church while still helping to develop leadership at the Living Hope Bible Church that he helped to plant. He has recently had several opportunities to teach on the radio, as well as write on key issues from a biblical perspective.

    Mark and Debbie have two kids, Micaiah who is a student at The Master's University and Janelle who is a graduate of The Master's University.

  • Dr. Michael Canham ~ Worldwide

    Mike serves as missionary theologian-at-large with Biblical Ministries Worldwide. Based in his home/sending church (Community Bible Church, Easley, SC), Mike seeks to partner with biblically sound local churches and missionary agencies in helping to build up the church internationally by providing specialized, seminary level training on an itinerant basis to pastors and other church leaders serving in parts of the world where traditional seminary training is neither available nor feasible.

  • Nonilo & fely Sanchez ~ Mindanao, Philippines

    Nonilo Sanchez has a desire is to plant churches where the Doctrines of Grace are taught from the very beginning. Grace Mobile School of Theology and Ministry (GSTM) and Sola Gratia Theological Seminary exist to teach these glorious doctrines to the whole body of Christ in their country, with a view to begin reaching out to the Muslims with the gospel.

    Nonilo founded Sola Gratia Ministries, which focuses on equipping pastors with the tools for accurately preach and teach the Word of God. The GSTM Mobile School provides a solid biblical, theological and ministerial training in any educational and cultural context of the local church in the islands of the Philippines. Nonilo and other teachers travel to various provinces, bringing training right to where the people are. In the last two years, God has raised up Sola Gratia Theological Seminary, where Nonilo concentrates most of his time and ministry, while still overseeing the mobile training of pastors through a team of equipped teachers. Nonilo and his wife, Fely, have four children.

  • S & A ~ India

  • Tan & Kaarin molina ~ León, Spain

    Tan Molina and his wife Kaarin are in Spain assisting David Robles in the ministry of Evangelical Church of León, Spain, as well as the Berea seminary and biblical conference center. Tan preaches, teaches, and is involved in many ministries, including traveling and speaking at conferences. He is currently completing his Master of Divinity degree online from The Cornerstone Seminary, and his goal is to be sent out to plant a church in a neighboring town. Tan and Kaarin have 4 boys, Erik, Mattias, Oliver, and Isaac, and are expecting their 5th boy soon.

  • Vanensio & Eddy Bamwitirebye ~ Bubukwanga, Uganda

    Vanensio Bamwitirebye is the pastor of Bubukwanga Grace Community Worship Center in the Bundibugyo district, a region on the border of Uganda and Congo devastated by fighting that left many people displaced, widows, orphans and HIV/AIDS related problem. His wife Eddy helps raise his four young children, all of whom suffer from sickle cell, a disease that particularly prevalent in this region of Uganda. 

    After training and teaching at Westminster Theological College with Emma Kiwanuka, God gave him the burden to plant a church among the Bundibugyo displaced people. He shared the vision to a number of leaders including Geoffrey, Smith, Robert, Jacob and Deo. After, time of prayer and fasting they planted the Bundibugyo Community Worship Center church in 2002. God has allowed the church to minister and teach in Hospitals, Jails (prisons), to the nearby pygmies, to the poor and afflicted of Bundibugyo. 

    He and his fellow pastors are planning their newest church plant at Bulileya. This will be their 4th Church Plant in 2 1/2 years, with those new churches running about 250 people each. The Gospel is exploding along the Congo Border!